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SmartSpace provides ultra low-power, highly reliable embedded systems to the world’s leading sensing solution providers. SmartSpace technology uniquely enables the world’s lowest power wireless networking solutions to also be the world’s most reliable in the time. SmartSpace products employs SmartNetwork Platform, the exclusive ultra-low power radio technology, providing solutions that are easy to integrate and simple to deploy.If you need field-proven, scalable, reliable, secure wireless sensor networking technology, read on. If you tried wireless and it didn’t work for you, try SmartNetwork The challenge is accessing it in a reliable, cost-effective way. Imagine a company having the ability to exchange information between the physical world and its enterprise applications through a wireless network with the same reliability we’ve come to expect from a wired solution – but at a fraction of the cost. Data from the physical world – temperature, lighting, humidity, energy consumption, location – could then be married to the world of industrial and IT systems and enable a gamut of applications that could profoundly improve efficiency. You can’t manage what you can’t measure – creating Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings will require a whole new instrumented infrastructure.SmartSpace was founded in 2008 as spin-off company of Università Politecnica delle Marche by a team of dedicated engineers who envisioned a world of ubiquitous sensing – a world of connected sensors scattered around like specs of dandelion seeds, gathering information that had previously been impractical or impossible to acquire and providing intelligence to the space that surrounds us.At SmartSpace we are passionate about making this vision a reality.


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