Vision & Mission

We are entering the third wireless wave. Also known as “The Internet of Things”, the third wave is utilizing wireless sense and control technology to bridge the gap between the physical world of humans and the virtual world of electronics.

Sense and control networks do not enhance human communication. They allow sensors to interact with actuators, making it a more dynamic world, avoiding error-prone, routinous and costly human intervention.
SmartSpace provides technology and devices that enable customers to add wireless communication to their sense and control applications.

The concept of SmartSpace is intended as an environment embedded with multi-modal sensing systems, pervasive computing capability and networks that can perceive and react to people and events and respond to them. Their ubiquity enable new forms of communication between people and things, and between things themselves.

Bridging the Physical and Virtual World

SmartSpace vision is to bridge the physical and the virtual world by linking the sensor data from the physical world with the virtual world of networks (the Internet) and allowing controllers from the virtual world to intervene in the physical world through actuators.

Our Mission

SmartSpace’s mission is to be a leader in the next wireless revolution and to help building smarter interaction with the world working closely with OEMs and System Integrators to provide turn-key low-power sensor applications.