Comprehensive sensor family meets the needs of a variety of industries and solutions.


Tags are end devices used to track persons and assets. Any tag is localized and its real time position visualized in SmartView.

Personal Tag:
can be worn by people such as workers, staff, patients, etc. Personal tag can be used for a variety of RTLS applications in indoor or outdoor environments and enables real time location, immediate chokepoint detection, room and bay level resolution, call-button alerting, motion sensing and more. It is capable to create a personal body network receiving information by sensors such as equipment tags or environmental monitors.

Asset Tag:
can be attached to a variety of equipment such as machines, pallets, etc. As the personal tag, can be used for RTLS applications. Enables motion sensing and 3 degree of freedom directional sensor (roll, yaw, pitch).
Equipment Tag:
attached on equipment devices, can be monitored by an associated personal tag which verify its presence in the range of the personal body network (2 m). Enables motion sensing.

GPS Tag:
installed aboard of vehicles or fixed on assets can perform a seamless RTLS also out the area covered by a SmartNetwork.


Environmental sensor family allows to measure and monitor a comprehensive range of quantity sucj as noise pollution, dust quantities, gas concentrations.

allows to measure and monitor environmental hygrothermic conditions measured variables:
Pressure atmospheric

allows to detect presence and concentration of a variety of gas for a variety of applications including:
City pollution: CO, CO2, NO2, O3
Emissions from farms and hatcheries: CH4 ,H2S , NH3
Control of chemical and industrial processes: C4H10 ,H2, VOC
Forest fires: CO, CO2
Fire in Construction/Operation site: smoke
gas tyoe that can be monitored:
Carbon Monoxide – CO
Carbon Dioxide – CO2
Oxygen – O2
Methane – CH4
Hydrogen – H2
Ammonia – NH3
Isobutane – C4H10
Ethanol – CH3CH2OH
Toluene – C6H5CH3
Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S
Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2
Ozone – O3
Hydrocarbons – VOC

SmartSpace is developing a new Radon sensor to measure the hazardous concentration of this gas


Event sensor family allows to monitor events to manage for specific application.

Person Presence:
detects presence of persons for security or emergencies applications sensors type:
passive infrared,
 radar doppler,

Liquid Presence:
detects presence or level of liquids for emergency or management applications sensors type:
Liquid Presence
Liquid Level

Smart Metering / Analog Instruments Digital Conversion

This sensor family has been conceived to allow

Camera Reader:
Allows to catch pictures of standard meter registers or other analog instruments. Images can be then elaborated (with OCR or other recognition techniques) in order to extract data automatically. sensors type:
still camera (VGA - QVGA).

Structural health


Inclinometer, Accelerometer, Extensometer:
Allows to monitor the stability of civil structures. sensors type:
inclinometer, accelerometer, extensometer.