SmartView architecture


SmartView is a sophisticated platform to create real-time location awareness applications for business and enterprise customers. SmartView turns asset visibility information that is received from multiple data sources into real business solutions, delivering sophisticated mapping, rules-based alerting and reporting functions in a scalable, proven software platform. With SmartView, developers and end users can apply their own context-based rules and business logic to visibility information, truly leveraging their data for efficient and intuitive applications in many different industries.
With SmartView, organizations can:
Identify and locate in real-time people or assets, seamlessly, wherever they are: on the road, in buildings or warehouses; All location methods can be used simultaneously by the same application and for the same user. For instance, a user may be located with GPS outdoors and RFID indoors simultaneously, while another is located with telecom-based Cell-ID, both within the same application.
Generate information and alert-based intelligence to support the most demanding mission-critical applications;
Generate extensive reports, to analyze assets use, resource allocation and operations efficiency;
Provide rich visualization capabilities, including 3D, for coordination and supervision.
Viewer is a modular Java platform created around a set of core modules and interfaces to external systems.
The components are:

  • the server platform, which includes all the functionality of SmartView;
  • the location center clients (rich client, web client, mobile client), which are ready applications for the most common needs of real-time location awareness;
  • the vertical clients, specialized versions of SmartView available for several industrial and commercial sectors;
  • the application API, used by all applications to communicate with SmartView;
  • the connectors API, which interface with location and identification devices;
  • the communication API, which serves to communicate with SmartView, to dispatch alerts and activate applications based on rules;
  • the content interfaces, to connect to legacy systems, geoservices, and other content repositories.