Business evolution and rapid technology development demand newer customized solutions or transformation of existing systems to current environment requirements.

SmartSpace offers a wide range of services taking advantage of its expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies and systems to build totally custom-developed applications suited to your business goals. We work closely with clients to identify their exact needs and define their objectives, providing a custom solution design that ensures our customers get what they want to enhance their corporate value.

Custom hardware design and Quick Deployment

Despite of modularity in hardware SmartSpace products, sometimes they must be adapted to meet the specifications of a particular project. Some examples of these adaptations are:

  • Integration of new sensors on the Smartpace platform.
  • Optimization of designs for specific applications.
  • Integration of new communication modules.
Software Integration

SmartSpace offers software-development and management services for the integration of our systems with third-party applications, middleware, and hardware solutions.

 Training & Support

SmartSpace offers a comprehensive suite of program management and customer support services, to help our partners with fast and efficient deployment, complete training and ongoing support for your business. SmartSpace's experienced Professional Services team is comprised of highly trained engineers, fully committed to providing our customers and partners with outstanding service and support.

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