Air quality
Noise pollution
Light, Ultraviolet radiation 

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring encompasses the processes, actions and data collection methods used to observe the state of the environment. This is done to guide policy and activity by detecting environmental changes and fluctuations based on systematic observation, measurement and calculation of environmental conditions, understanding of environmental exposure and cataloging of events and incidents affecting the ecosystem.

SmartSpace provides a tool unrivaled to monitor and assess environmental trends affecting our resources. This real-time data collection allows for accurate depictions of current conditions while forecasting future risks. By having precise knowledge of the ecosystem, we can make better decisions regarding how to care for the environment and have a greater understanding of current conditions such as diseases,hydro-geological risks, etc. Environmental management is a priority and the SmartSpace system is an essential tool enabling this outcome.

Air quality: Atmospheric pollution, either in the form of gases such as CO2 and NO2 or particulates, is a threat to health of urban imhabitants by causing respiratory diseases.
Noise pollution: is a common environmental problem affecting both the quality of life and health.
Light intensity, Ultraviolet radiation