Building Automation

SmartSpace wireless networking systems help building owners and property managers to better manage energy resources, save cost and preserve the environment. Our technology holds great promise to positively impact the environment and management of energy consumption, while improving comfort and safety in buildings.
We combine the skills of “scientific” industrial design with “artful” electronic engineering – the outcome; excellence and innovation at high speed! Our unique capabilities bring tremendous expertise in brand development, user interface/industrial design and electronic design (hardware, software, pcb layout with a strong emphasis on wireless radio and antenna integration).

Our specific target market are:

  • Industrial Facilities
    • HVAC Control, Lighting Control, Air Quality Monitoring,•Access Control, Refrigeration Control
  • Hospitality
    • Networked Doors, HVAC, Lights, Safes, Wireless Upgrade of Infrastructure without Costly Retrofitting, Central Remote Monitoring of Doors, Refrigeration Units and Devices in Rooms, Automatic Metering
  • Commercial Facilities
    • HVAC Control, Lighting Control, Monitoring, Refrigeration Control, Customer information system
  • Environmental Monitoring
    • SmartSpace is developing a new radon sensor that can communicate with a building management system. if radon levels rise above a danger threshold, “an intelligent building might respond automatically by pressurizing the interior environment to keep the radon out, or increasing the ventilation rate and flushing out the gas. The same application is available for other pollutants as Carbon Dioxide or Formaldehyde, which may be emitted in buildings from persons or materials.