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Smart City and SmartSpace

Imagine if cities could speak to us - if they could give us live status updates on traffic patterns, pollution, parking spaces, water, power and light. Imagine how that kind of information could improve the economic and environmental health of the city, for residents, merchants, and visitors. Imagine how it could improve working conditions and productivity for the people who maintain the city.

Smart Cities close the information gap that prevents us from measuring activities and making informed decisions to improve operations. They connect residents and visitors to the information they need to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. The systems in a Smart City - from transportation to utilities - speak to one another, and most importantly to the people who live and work there. They allow city managers, workers, and citizens the opportunity to work collectively to improve urban life.

SmartSpace mission is to enable this vision.
First of all with SmartNetwork a pervasive, potentially endless energy wireless network to support Smart City things to speak with us and each other.

Then SmartSpace sensors can be deployed to monitor noise pollution, dust quantities, structural health, garbage levels, gas presence, radiation and parking lots availability, enabling System integrators to create a comprehensive range of services based on the Smart Cities platform.

A wide range of process monitoring and control applications can be enabled, including: