Leak Detection System 

SmartWater Overview

SmartWater for Automatic Meter Reading is a powerful distributed wireless meter reading system capable of collecting data from city-wide network of standard water meters and delivering it to a central location via the internet.


SmartMeter is the unique automatic meter reader that works on any existing water meter. Thanks to the exclusive SmartSpace technology the existing water meter is equipped with a special wireless still camera capable to take pictures of meter's register head and forward them to SmartNetwork in a Jpeg format.

Based on reliable, secure and extremely low power technology, SmartNetwork and SmartMeter devices can last up to 10 years on a single battery set and deliver valuable metering pictures to a central location automatically.
Pictures are then processed by powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the central server.
Data extracted are then validated and used to bill customers in real-time, reduce peak energy demand, implement variable tariffs.
Moreover the pictures of meter registers can be archived for possible contentious or further elaboration.

Integrated water leak detection system

The reduction of water loss by means of leakage control is vital in today's world.
Leak detection system is a network of Digital Correlating noise Loggers which pinpoint the exact locations of any leaks. It enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network. Loggers are deployed in areas of the distribution system to provide continuous monitoring of leakage. Easily installed on pipe fittings, they are retained in place by a strong magnet and are powered by low cost replaceable batteries. When a potential leak is detected, the logger enters an alarm state and transmits a message to the SmartNetwork to indicate a “leak“ condition.