Solutions Overview

Wireless technology offers opportunities for a wide range of applications—from adding measurements where they were previously out of physical or economic reach, to enabling plant-wide functions such as asset and people tracking, security, and worker productivity.
However, the SmartSpace team recognized that existing technology lacks adeguate performance for many process-automation applications.
SmartSpace approach was to focus on core process-automation functions where no appropriate wireless standard is available to guarantee a battery operated wireless solution, ease of deployment, interoperability, reliability, extreme flexibility and scalability.
SmartSpace supports the full range of process monitoring and control applications, including:



Battery operated solution with low latency and dynamic configuration of network

Using a standard wireless network protocol such as ZigBee could be cost-effective, but running the nodes on battery power would create a maintenance nightmare in trying to keep all of the nodes powered. SmartNetwork nodes consumption is low enough to have a continuous power from battery that lasts more than 10 years without replace or recharge.
SmartSpace technology is the unique that reaches this performance also allowing dynamic association of nodes to the network. This means that sensors can anytime link in and out the network without increasing power consumption.

Moreover since standard power management protocols employ wake-up/sleep schedules, latency is a tradeoff between data rate and power consumption.
SmartSpace technology allows a near zero-latency solution and the same data rate of ZigBee protocol.

Ease of deployment, extreme flexibility and scalability

Need to build a SmartSpace? Just place the SmartNetwork nodes in order to cover the area, they immediately connect themselves.
Need to extend the system to cover a new application? Just deploy the specific sensors, they automatically link themselves to the already installed SmartNetwork.
Need to extend the system to cover a new area? Simply achieved by placing more reference tags across that area, and your solution is working there too.
Need to move the system to a new area, even if just temporarily? Simply achieved by picking up the reference tags and moving them to where you need them now.


SmartNetwork can be connected with any network based on standard protocol through gateways that create transparent data interface between networks.


Even in the presence of interference, thanks to mesh networking and asynchronous communication, SmartNetwork coexistence with other wireless networks is assured.