SmartSpace Technology

SmartSpace develops technologies (hardware, firmware, and software) for all components of Wireless sensor networks and has been awarded several pioneering patents in the areas of tags, sensors and sensor applications.

The hallmark of SmartNetwork components is that they use a special hardware and firmware architecture capable of sensing an RF wakeup impulse with extremely low power consumption (as far as 0,05 mW).

This system is always listening for wakeup message. A wakeup message also contains information in order to activate selective wakeup of devices.

Once the appropriate nodes are awaken, the trasmission of data is performed using the primary radio system (UHF or ZigBee).

Main advantage of SmartSpace technology vs standard or other proprietary protocols are:

  • Power consumption of data communication scales with network traffic
  • A node wakes up almost instantly when it receives a wake-up packet (low latency), then fits better to event-driven applications
  • Wake-up radio is not duty cycled, then energy to send the wakeup packet is very small because of its shortness
  • the throughput of the network is the same of the primary radio system
  • a node can join and get out of the network with no additional energy consumption because they have not to re-acquire the synchronization as in the beaconed networks (i.e. standard ZigBee - orphan problem)
  • Node doesn’t wake up when the event of interest does not happen (‘false alarms’)monitoring