Algiz.Distance Check

Is a system of verification of the time of permanence of the devices under the threshold indicated by the standard (1mt) by transmitting the event to a central monitoring system of violation of the norm on the social distancing and the anonymous identification of the devices.


It makes it possible to monitor compliance with the rules on social distancing laid down in the rules to guarantee the health and safety of workers (Covid-19). The solution is based on the use of a very light and easy to wear device, the size of a credit card powered by batteries, rechargeable and radio transmission. The UWB technology used exceeds the limits of common devices based on distance estimation through Bluetooth signal strength measurement.

To whom it is addressed

It is aimed at yard workers and safety officers.

A chi è rivolto

La soluzione è dedicata ai Project Manager.

Main features

The device is low power.

Uses the flight time of a UWB signal to accurately measure the distance between all devices in the vicinity. Shows an intuitive user interface for monitoring  workers. It is natively integrated with Smart Safety and Algiz.Workforce for the historicization of the events of violation of the parameters of distance and a reconstruction a posteriori, in case of occurrence of contagion, for the identification of the personnel to warn for a check of positivity (Covid-19). It can be extended with the possibility of verifying the presence in the vicinity of individual safety devices. The device is rechargeable. The battery life is guaranteed to exceed 8 hours of continuous use.

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