Algiz.Smart Safety

Algiz.Smart Safety is the solution that allows the monitoring of distance between workers through a state-of-the-art localization technology, enabled by an innovative multifunctional wearable dpi.


Algiz.Smart Safety is the solution to enable companies to implement risk mitigation policies arising from epidemiological situations.

The solution allows to:

  • To avoid gatherings;
  • Counting of persons present within an area;
  • Monitor the time of stay of people within the areas;
  • To regulate the time spent by persons in certain areas;
  • Usability even in areas not reached by Wi-Fi coverage (or mobile);
  • Provides coverage even in normally shielded areas to various radio waves.

A chi è rivolto

La soluzione è dedicata ai Project Manager.

A chi è rivolto

La soluzione è dedicata ai Project Manager.

Main features

Principles of operation

Through the Savemenow device the actual distance between operators is monitored, sending alarms if the distance is lower than the established and set in advance.

The solution monitors the signals emitted by Savemenow personal protection devices worn by workers, (carried out through the Smartnetwork infrastructure and sent to the Iot Smart Platform) and detects their position with an extremely high degree of precision ( 50 cm). When the minimum distance is restored, the alarm can be automatically deactivated.

Main advantages

The Smartnetwork can also provide coverage in areas normally shielded to various radio waves (compartmentalized areas, underground, etc.). Thanks to the high accuracy of localization – less than 50 cm allows you to locate the position even within a single room.

The DPI is equipped with motion sensors and sensors that allow to detect posture and abrupt loss of altitude of the individual, minimizing the risk of incorrect readings of events.

If the operator also wears other sensors (e.g. tags that allow monitoring of the correct use of PPE or other equipment) it is also possible to integrate the data detected by those sensors into the analysis model, substantially eliminating the risk of false alarms.

In addition, it is possible to calibrate the reactivity of the system on the individual use case in relation to the variables monitored (verification of minimum distances, movement, posture, rapid loss of altitude) and customize the sensor response depending on typical activities or expected scenarios.

The device provided to the operator is rechargeable and ensures a continuous operation of about 30 days (depending on the use cases). Additional Safety features can be integrated to the same device and service to monitor the correct use of Personal Protection Devices or equipment.

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