algiz workrfoce

Platform for on-site personnel management, team management, suppliers and subcontractors.


The Algiz.Workforce solution allows the management of operational human resources on site and allows through 4 modules the complete control of information in terms of:

  • Management of personnel
  • Management of contractors
  • Management of workers
  • Registers of attendance


Algiz.Workforce ensures complete control of information related to the management of operating personnel, contractors, worker management and attendance register.

The joint and several liability between contractors and subcontractors defined by the Italian legislation makes it necessary today to have full control over subcontractors and their staff.
The Subcontractor Management section provides the user with a portal for the monitoring and control of compliance and documentation of companies, making it easy and effective to control subcontractors.

To whom it is addressed

The solution is dedicated to Project Managers.

A chi è rivolto

La soluzione è dedicata ai Project Manager.

Main features

Management of Personnel on Site

The Personnel Management module is divided into sections dedicated to:

» Summary dashboards

» Personal data sheet

» Construction site assignments

» Postings on Company

» Assignment of tasks

» Archive of information

» Personal archive (active and not)

» Settings

Contract Management and Construction Sites

The Contract Management and Construction Sites module allows to map the contract and related construction sites within the solution.The contract is managed with the insertion of the identification data (protocol, contract type, title), data of the managers (RUP, CSE, CSP, Works Management, Performing Enterprise, etc…) and the dates relative to the state of progress. One or more yards may be associated with each contract.Personal Data Subcontractors The Sub-contractor Personal Data Management module is dedicated to the creation of a register of subcontractors and the loading and monitoring of compliance.

Sub-contractors Master

The Sub-contractors Master Management module is dedicated to the creation of a register of subcontractors and the loading and monitoring of compliance.

The module is divided into four sections:

» Home page
» Personal subcontractors
» Personal data Compliance
» Settings

A schedule allows you to view calendar dates of expiry of each fulfilment.

Management Workers Yard

The Site Workers Management module manages the operating staff at the different sites in activity and planned.

The module is divided into three main areas:

» Management of site personnel
» Eligibility Schedule for Workers
» Requirements Construction workers

Register of Presence of Workers

The Attendance Register section allows to record the presence of the workers at the different yards. In the form can be consulted the attendance per day and shift of work of both workers of the company and contractors, in terms of presence of staff on site.

The register shall contain the details of:

» Date
» Shift
» Construction site
» Employer
» Operator name
» Operator registration number

Access Log

The Access Log section allows the registration of workers at different construction sites in terms of access to the site area.
In the form it will be possible to consult the accesses with relative reasons of both workers of the company and contractors.

» Date/ time of access
» Date/time of exit
» Causal
» Construction site
» Employer

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